Saturday, 13 January 2007


I've seen Sideways once when it first came out. Bit strange for me - a film about wine. I spent a large proprtion of my early career working with wine and to a certain extent I am still involved. Wine just seems like the most boring thing to make a film about. However, thankfully, they really make the whole wine thing just a back drop for what is really a story of human frailty.

I seem to remember it being quite funny too.

The film has a bit of a reputation in the wine industry because it was meant to put Pinot Noir (a type of grape that certain wines are made from) on the map and make out that Merlot (another type of grape) seem incredibly naff. There has indeed been a new interest in Pinot Noir wines and recent sales suggest that Sideways did have some effect - the extent of which is unknown.

This sort of grape-based snobbery is, however, quite ridiculous - just drink what you like. Merlot (as it happens) makes the worlds most expensive and (some would say) greatest wines in certain areas of Bordeaux.

It would be nice to be able to drink a few glasses of something whilst we are watching. Bring your own if you like.